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Search for a soul sister

How many times we have heard boys complaining and crying that they were bro-zoned by a girl.

I mean is that needed? Girls just evade guys from their lives by using his word. Neither guys nor girls know the meaning of this word. 

 I have only one brother and no sister. 

You don’t know how much it sucks!

I know having a brother is luck but having a sister is a lot more than that.

I wish I had another sibling in the form of a beautiful sister.

Even I get hurt when a girl calls me “bro”! 

Not because I have some feelings for them. 

But because it’s just an easy word to say,

but really difficult to REDEEM

Really, it is so great to have a sister. A few of the many:

  • Teaches you how to respect women

  • You can practice flirting with her and her friends. *wink*

  • How to be friendly with girls and also never hurting them

  • She becomes the second mom for you 

  • She cooks for you

Just one problem she creates for you.

She makes you cry on her wedding day.

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When technology will fail, what would you do?

I don’t know if this is gonna happen in the future or not!

But all your whatsapp messages backups and google drive backups of images will end sometime. Everything has an expiry date.

We all our living life through a lens.

  • Going to a concert??

Better take a snapchat and post it as story.

  • Watching a movie?

The same thing yet again.

If we have to live our life.

Smell the fragrance of a city.

Taste that special dish in that old town.

Walk around those lonely streets.

Spread smiles all around.

Because when one fine day, when all these “backups” will get corrupted,

You will be left with nothing but memories.

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How many people you think you will remember if anything such happens??

Do tell me in the comments below.






Getting good things, missing the better ones behind.


This is to bring out the contrast between western countries and my own country India.

I hope you like it.

  • There are wider roads,

          But I’m missing my mother’s hand holding mine on the narrow ones

  • There are a lot of people wishing you good days,

          But I miss my friends’ unsaid words that wished a lot more.

  • Here the buses level down for you to let you in,

          But I miss my father’s voice telling me to watch your step.

  • There are a lot of seniors that give advice to you,

          But I’m miss my brother’s.

  • Here the shopkeepers talk nicely,

          But I miss joking around with their Indian counterparts.

  • Here the temperature of tapwater can be adjusted easily,

But I miss the perfect mixture made by mom.

  • Got a microwave

But I miss food that was always made fresh.

  • Got a single bed, enough for one person to sleep,

But I miss sharing double beds with family.


  • Getting a lot of great things,

But missing the “better” things I left behind.


PS.: This post is to show my love for my friends and family. I miss you guys. Will see you again ❤






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Drop the mirror, and hold the torch

So how many times have you done something without expecting to have that back.

I’m sure there will be very less such occasions. We don’t have to act like karma. Karma acts automatically. 

So what we need to do:

  • Drop the mirror of ‘Tit for Tat’ theory. 
  • Hold the torch of positivity. 

♥️ Go on a road that you don’t know where it leads. 

♥️ Ask that old man who is sitting alone in the park that how he is doing. 

♥️ Give that poor kid a candy when shopkeeper hands you change. He is hopeful of lot of things. 

♥️ Approach that silent classmate of yours. Just listen to them, don’t dare to judge, and help them in any way you can. 

♥️ Offer to share your food with those silent passengers in your train. They are waiting for you. 

♥️ Play with children. Don’t ask them to do bowling for you. Instead hand them the bat. Throw the ball softly, so that they can hit a six and fell proud. 

♥️ Say thank you to the waiter who was there for you with your meal. 

♥️ Thank the Uncle who helped you filling out a form in a bank, when all officers did nothing. Yeah, that sweet security guy. 

♥️ Refer to labourers as Sir or Bhaiya rather than calling them ‘Chotu’.

♥️ Offer chocolates to that person who is too young to do the things he is doing. That child labourer.

♥️ Offer food to that abandoned dog in your street. He is beaten everyday by the bigger ones. 

♥️ Ask that person who is walking on the road with his vehicle. Yeah, something bad happened with his vehicle. Send the mechanic to his place. 

♥️ Offer a ride to that guy who is dressed in formals and holding that folder. He is struggling to get a taxi to get to the interview. Leave him at that office. He will be less nervous. 

♥️ Ask that alone girl in the metro station if someone is going to pick her up. Help her if anyone is not. 

♥️ Tell some innocent looking person not to take drugs or anything. Just try. Have an ocean of hopes. 

♥️ It is not necessary to eat outside on a birthday or anniversary. Instead gift them something special that doesn’t lack personal touch. A hand written line is better than that Archies large cards. 

♥️ don’t wish parents day, mother’s day or Father’s day to your parents if you can’t cook for them for one day. There is no fun in going to the same hotel. Atleast make tea for them. They deserve that happiness. 

♥️ Tell that balloon seller a thank-you for making you happy.

♥️ Those broken crayons that are of no use to you, Are a source of great happiness to those poor children wandering over the streets. 

♥️ Spread smiles to those Gardners who make your world beautiful.

♥️ Support those vendors, when their throat hurts choked.

😊 Last four were added by my friend. 




Tell me what all things you do to make someone smile without expecting it back. 😇

Btw karma will give you back everything. Don’t worry. It is not a bitch. It is the sweetest revenge. ❤️

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Different kind of guest ♥️

I’m going to talk about a dog 🐶  that came to my door yesterday. 

It was a mild hot afternoon. I was saying goodbye to dad and my brother at the door. When I saw this dog. When they were still at the door, a dog (I named him yin) came to the door trying to enter through the side gap near to the main gate. 

I named him yin because of his significant eye patch that seems like the yin symbol. ☯️ 

As you can see this dog, is really sweet and cute. 😍 And the most unique thing about Yin was that he had an eye patch. We all know :

Imperfections make a person beautiful

Not only that the color of his pupil were not same. But, Yin’s eye was really something hypnotizing. 

The color was similar to the husky breed Which I absolutely love. 

But, he was suffering from a kind of skin disease. I hate the fact we live in a country where there is no care for these creatures. 😔 we should all do something. Just a little drop will make it an ocean

How do dogs get so much love 😍? 

I still don’t know. Maybe they don’t expect anything from the person they deal with. 

Yin was feeling hot outside. So, I let him sleep in the empty place in the house. 

But, later in the afternoon, I had to make him leave which was really heartbreaking 💔 because my dad doesn’t like dogs. I want to see him everyday. Let’s hope he comes again to my home 🏡 and behave like the most sweetest uninvited guests, like they always do. 

I miss all the stray dogs I have come in touch with. You all wander in my dreams. 

If there were dogs on any social networking, they would be just using this emoji(😍😘) 😂😂 for obvious reasons. 

I have a thought that if you are looking for an unconditional love, you can only find that with creatures with a tail, don’t expect that from human beings. 

Which animal you adore more? Do tell me in the comments. Mine is the golden retriever. 

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How much report cards matter? 

🖋️ By Amrit Pal Singh 

This can be a very long post. But let’s just cut to the chase here. People with the largest names in any sorts of industry never topped in their respective institutions.

Best inspiration

A lot to learn from him.

Greatest minds like that of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc. were never college toppers. Such minds never try to compete with anyone, they competed with themselves, their pasts.

They try to become better than the person they were yesterday. Their graph never shoots back. It always has a positive slope. That slope can vary though.
You might be worrying about how you can score more. Instead worry about how can you learn more. The technology is up for grabs, you can learn a lot of things from it. If you use YouTube just for vines and funny stuff, I must say you are doing it wrong.

If you are learning , you are doing an excellent job.

Just learn.


I promise it will be helpful. 

Let me ask you a question. 

There are two pizzas, one is simply a base (barely a pizza). The second one is with a lot of toppings. Which one you would choose. 

The one you chose is the one you want to become. The choice is yours. 

Now go on, run for your passion because only then the sweat you will bleed everyday will quench your thirst.

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